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Last Updated: 11/6/2013 9:34 AM

Packaged in a 16 oz. bottle, Basic Beverages “Classic” Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate is designed to make four servings of coffee (the consumer mixes one part cold brew concentrate with two parts milk, water or dairy alternative). What’s unique about Basic's cold brew is that the product is made with pH 7.5+ water; the company claims that the water reduces the acidity of the final product. While we can’t speak to that claim, we can tell you that the product tastes extremely smooth and doesn’t even a hint of bitterness. One thing that we do wish, however, was that there was a bit more emphasis on the coffee that goes into this product (although we do appreciate that Basic uses organic coffee). Still, the end result is very smooth -- so we won’t get too caught up on that. On the outside, we really like the look of what the company has created. The dark brown 16 oz. bottle goes nicely with the black and white label that Basic has designed. “Basic” is an appropriate name for a product of this type and the company has executed the design well. It’s definitely appealing to the eyes and looks the part of a small batch product. Overall, we’re big fans of Basic Beverages Classic Cold Brew.


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