Rudy Begonia's Belcher

by Excuse Me, LLC

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Rudy Begonia's Belcher

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

Rudy Begonia’s/Harold Belcher Soda, a brand name synonymous with great-tasting fun, has relaunched its soda line! Geared towards the youth market, Belcher sounds off with healthier versions of its 4 exclusive flavors including; Rudy Berry, Loogie Lime, Obnoxious Orange and Very Cherry – engaging consumers with a ‘We Dare You Not To Belch!’ unofficial challenge. The reformulated soda line was designed to meet the needs of the youth market and nutritionally savvy parents alike, who seek high-quality alternatives to sugary sodas. Setting itself apart from an industry over-saturated with high-sugar sodas, Belcher Sodas are complete with:
5 essential vitamins,
10% natural fruit juice, and
NO high fructose corn syrup.

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