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Last Updated: 6/8/2009 10:29 AM

Biba is a hydration drink that has one very obvious point of differentiation: carbonation. Carbonation has been rare in hydration drinks since the days of the original All Sport. Unlike All Sport, Biba’s carbonated effort works quite well, delivering a pleasant tasting mixture that’s big on flavor, but has only 55 calories per can. The added electrolytes leave a touch of saltiness, but it actually works well with the mild lime flavor that’s been added to this drink. The carbonation gives it a crisp feeling in your mouth, while the finish is clean and smooth. From a hydration point of view, the product seems to get the job done – at least compared to other products that we’ve sampled from 8 oz. cans. As far as the looks and positioning of the product are concerned, it’s a pretty good first effort. The look of the logo is clean and the name is memorable, but there’s a little too much going on on the front of the can. Specifically, it’s not obvious that this is a hydration drink, especially with conceptual statements like “Drink Smart” and “Hybrid Beverage” taking the emphasis off of the important point of difference. If they could convey that more quickly and obviously, we think that Biba would be a better product – and one that’s less likely to be confused for an energy drink. Overall, an innovative and enjoyable product that just needs a bit of polish.


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