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Last Updated: 8/2/2011 2:22 PM

Made with blackberry juice, flavoring, sparkling water, sugar, and citric acid, this product is a pretty straightforward sparkling juice beverage. The blackberry flavor is good, but could be stronger, with the current formulation tasting more like blackberries when it’s room temperature and some of the bubbles have escaped. Still, we very much appreciate that they’ve left the filler juices out of the equation – the product is very clean from start to finish. Packaging is a 12 oz. clear glass bottle and a clear label, which they’ve done up nicely with upscale branding and a playful looking fruit image. Bibbs, which we’re assuming stands for “Block Island Beverages Blackberry” (or something similar), seems like a perfectly fine brand name as it’s memorable and easy to say. However, having a lineup that consists exclusively of blackberry flavored beverages seems like a rather limiting concept. That’s especially true when sampling this flavor along with the Blackberry Lime – the differences are way too subtle. Overall, it’s a very nice product, but we’re not sure how feasible it will be to have their entire brand revolve around blackberry.


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