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Last Updated: 4/3/2012 10:42 AM

When it comes to sparkling juice drinks, there are typically filler juices (such as white grape) that are used to help lower the cost of the drink. That’s not the case with Bibbs, which uses only four ingredients in this product’s formulation (blackberry cherry juice concentrate, cane juice, sparkling water, citric acid). The result is something that has a very wholesome and bold fruit flavor, with the flavor of the drink being exactly what is advertised and nothing more. To that end, this is a very high quality product. Packaging, which is a 12 oz. long neck glass bottle, also has a wholesome and artisanal look. The logo looks like something off of a vintage soda combined with elements that are wholesome and natural looking. However, the name Bibbs feels less appealing than what it stands for (Block Island Beverages). Furthermore, the brand, which is built exclusively around blackberry juice drinks, could use additional visual differentiation between the flavors. Overall, a nicely executed flavor that is one of the better tasting flavors in the Bibbs line.


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