Big Ol' Trucker Energy Juice Fruit Punch

Big Ol' Trucker Energy Juice

Big Ol' Trucker Energy Juice Fruit Punch

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Last Updated: 5/18/2009 9:30 AM

Big Ol’ Trucker Energy Juice is a caffeine-free fruit punch flavored beverage that claims to be made “with blood pressure support for today’s busy trucker.” From a flavor point of view, it’s drinkable, but very sweet. And despite having cherry juice (2 percent) The product uses a mixture of crystalline fructose and stevia, which helps the product have only 70 calories despite being very sweet. Functionally, the product’s “heart health” blend features taurine, inositol, D-Ribose, and hawthorn berry leaf. From a packaging and positioning point of view, this product is in definite need of improvement. First, we’re not convinced that a beverage for truckers is a smart approach (will retailers and distributors stock a product that’s clearly designed for a specific vocation?). Regardless, we think that consumers will be confused by the product being labeled as an “energy juice” when the product is caffeine-free and has a fruit punch flavor. In addition, the “shake to activate” (which is simply a false statement) and hard to read front panel further hurt the product. Overall, mediocre flavor and issues with the packaging and positioning make this a product that needs to go back to the drawing board.


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