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Last Updated: 2/10/2014 4:03 PM

Of the six flavors that we sampled, the Hibiscus Ginger variety of Bissap Breeze is probably the most bold and unique flavor of the bunch. It blends the company's base of sugar-sweetened hibiscus “tea” with natural ginger extract, which, in turn, gives the product a sweet and spicy flavor. There’s still a heavy dose of hibiscus, which is a good thing, and the product is first and foremosta hibiscus-flavored beverage. The ginger hits you as a secondary note, with a moderate amount of spice that definitely lingers. We’re big fans of this mix -- the spice kept us coming back again and again. On the visual front, it’s a nice looking product that has a “premium” vibe to it. The front panel is particularly minimalist, which is nice from a design perspective, but it might have a challenging time competing on the shelf without being organic and specifying its caloric content in a more obvious way. Overall, we can’t see ourselves drinking this product every day, but it’s definitely one of the better tasting hibiscus drinks that we’ve sampled.


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