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Last Updated: 2/10/2014 4:03 PM

The Green Tea flavor of Bissap Breeze is definitely one of our favorites of the bunch. The pairing of green tea and sugar-sweetened hibiscus works very well. The green tea is something that you definitely taste despite the strength of the hibiscus flavor and the tartness that it has when sweetened (as it is in this product). There’s a subtle grassiness that definitely helps cut the sweetness (the product has 48g of sugar per bottle). Plus, positioning it as a tea, which is often where hibiscus is sold anyway, seems like a smart move in terms of grabbing more consumers. Visually, this is probably one of their sharpest looking labels, with green, red and white making for something that’s clean to the eye and definitely whets your appetite. And, once again, its positioning as a “Hibiscus Green Tea” makes it much more obvious as to what it is than some of the comnpany's other flavors. Overall, a very enjoyable product and one of our favorites of the Bissap Breeze lineup.


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16oz Glass

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