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Last Updated: 2/10/2014 4:03 PM

The Mint variety of Bissap Breeze is certainly a nice tasting product, however, as the fifth flavor that we sampled, it gave us some pause: there are too many varieties in the brand's line up. While many of the flavors, including this one, have some noticeable twist, they are, at their core, all very similar. That said, we don’t see the need for all of the flavors that the company currently sells (the pomegranate and lemonade varieties are probably the two most similar). As for this flavor, the addition of mint is a nice contrast, and it’s definitely a flavor that helps to mellow out the intensity of the hibiscus. Beyond that, it’s more of the same, with the rose-like flavor of the hibiscus being moderately sweetened with 48g of sugar per 16 oz. bottle. Again, it’s certainly enjoyable, but if we were in the mood for a hibiscus drink, we might pick one of the others. On the outside, the packaging will definitely catch some eyes due to the cleanliness and unique look of the label. However, it doesn’t quite appeal to the senses the same way a bottle of iced tea or lemonade might. Overall, Bissap Breeze’s Mint flavor is an enjoyable one, but we wish that it stood out from the pack a bit more.


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Tea: Sweetened, Juice: Lemonade


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