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Last Updated: 2/10/2014 4:03 PM

The Unsweetened variety of Bissap Breeze is a zero-calorie formulation that is made with water and brewed roselle hibiscus. The flavor of this product is straightforward, but somewhat one dimensional, with the sharp bitter flavor of hibiscus taking center stage. This is especially true as you continue consuming the product, with the bitterness starting to overwhelm your palate. While we appreciate the company's effort in creating a zero-calorie and sugar-free option, it’s just not a very successful flavor. We might find it more enjoyable if the company added a touch of sweetness or blended it with a secondary flavor. OIn the visual front, we really like the look of the label, with the a nice contrast between the white background and the bright read of the hibiscus flower. However, the goldish-yellow that’s used on “Bissap” and “Hibiscus” is slightly hard to read. Otherwise, we really like the simplicity of the label. Overall, we appreciate the company's intentions, but the execution of the flavor could stand to be improved.


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