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Last Updated: 8/18/2011 5:27 PM

Blk. Water, which is short for “black water,” is, indeed, black water. While there’s certainly some gimmickry to the concept (more on that in a bit), the product is black from the addition of fulvic acid. Fulvic acid, which is produced by the biodegration of dead organic matter (sounds appetizing, right?), adds a variety of trace minerals and electrolytes while also helping to balance the human body’s pH levels. We’re not going to sugar coat it though -- drinking black colored water takes some getting used to. And this stuff is very dark -- like flat Pepsi or old coffee -- to the point where first time drinkers will likely be shocked that the bottle itself is actually clear. For us, it didn’t take too long to get past our hangups, but it would take a lot to fully convince our senses that this product is the same as (or better than) regular bottled water. The branding and packaging are the strongest asset of the product, with minimalist design giving the product a hip feeling. The use of a label (rather than a painted bottle) hurts its premium positioning, but we’re otherwise fans of how it looks. Plus, when you drink half the bottle, a secondary message (which is printed in black) is revealed. Ultimately, their attention to detail combined with the fact that black water is not your typical bottle of water makes Blk. Water a very memorable product. We could definitely see this brand building a loyal fan base, especially if they (or someone else) can build some awareness regarding the benefits of fulvic acid.


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