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Last Updated: 12/17/2013 1:26 PM

The fruit punch flavor of BLK+ is our favorite flavor of the four that we sampled. In terms of formulation, this product is identical to the others, with the base of purified water that has been enhanced with its “fulvic trace mineral complex” (this is also the source of the liquid’s black color). From there, the company has added citric acid, stevia and natural flavor. The fruit punch flavor is really what sets this particular variety apart from the others. It has a pleasant and fruity nose, which gives way to a light and refreshing body. For whatever reason, this flavor pairs with the fulvic minerals better than the other flavors. It tastes smooth and balanced and is definitely a very drinkable and mainstream product. However, there still seem to be some challenges in explaining the functional benefits to the consumer. As it stands right now, you either have to be educated on the mineral content or you probably won't understand what this product is all about. Fortunately for BLK+, the black label, along with the red and white accent colors, has some visual pop to it, which might get some curiosity buyers. After that, the drink could certainly pull them back in for the flavor, but making the value proposition more obvious would definitely help take it to another level. Overall, we like where BLK is headed with this product line, and its Fruit Punch variety is our favorite of the group.


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