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Last Updated: 6/25/2013 11:27 AM

Blossom Water, which describes itself as an “all natural essence water,” is an agave- and erythritol-sweetened beverage that has 45 calories per 16 oz. bottle. As for the flavor, the product uses natural grapefruit and lilac essences to create something that is slightly floral and has a citrus finish. The flavor is mellow and smooth and definitely fits within the realm of what we’d expect from a flavored water. All in all, we enjoyed the taste of the product. On the packaging front, we think there’s still some work to do. The choice of a clear wrapped glass bottle doesn’t seem like the best choice (plastic would be better), especially since the clear plastic wrap gives the product an almost foggy look. In addition, we think they need to do a better job communicating what this product is all about. Specifically, it looks like a full-calorie product, but it isn’t, so having some way to tell the consumer that this product is lightly sweetened would be a good thing. Overall, it’s an interesting concept, and the execution of the flavor is nice, but the packaging needs to evolve.


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