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Last Updated: 6/25/2013 11:27 AM

This variety of Blossom Water combines lemon and rose essences to create a formulation that is light but very pleasing to the palate. It’s lightly sweetened (11g of sugars and 26g carbs) with agave and erythritol, which imparts a complementary note of sweetness to the product. However, as you drink the product, there’s definitely a lingering sugary note that’s left behind. Still, the two flavors, lemon and rose, give the product a sophisticated, but very drinkable feel. It’s definitely a lot more tolerable than the flood of rose flavored beverages that hit the industry a couple of years back. From a visual perspective, the product uses a fully wrapped (albeit clear) 16 oz. glass bottle. In the case of this particular flavor, the light pink liquid provides a nice backdrop and, unlike the two darker colored flavors, gives the consumer some sense that this product isn’t going to be overly sweet. However, the company could still communicate this better (perhaps by saying “lightly sweetened”). In addition, the clear wrap on the bottle doesn’t look that great, with bubbles and other marks visible. Lastly, we’re not sold on a glass bottle being the right choice for a flavored water. It’s a package format that really hasn’t had any success in the past (whereas plastic has had a ton). Overall, a unique concept that’s enjoyable to consume.


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