Blue Jeans Energy Drink

by Oxenuk Impex Corp

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Blue Jeans Energy Drink

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

Need a boost of energy that will make you go all day or night long, we have a drink that does the job. Blue Jeans Energy Drink improves performance, especially during times of stress or strain, increases endurance, improves concentration, increases reaction speed and stimulates the metabolism. BLUE JEANS Energy Drink contains Taurine, an energy booster and enhances internal organ function, Guarana to stimulate the senses, Vitamin B6 which assists with the metabolism of fats into energy, B12 a builder of healthy blood and circulatory systems, Riboflavin which releases energy from protein, fat and carbohydrates and Niacin which helps with the breakdown of Amino Acids.
Blue Jeans Energy Drink is made with guarana extract, taurine, caffeine and vitamin blend. Guarana has a stimulating effect on mind and body Taurine helps your metabolism and helps to detoxify your body. Caffeine will give you a little 'kick' and the vitamins will help to repair and revitalize you.


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