Blue Cow Relaxation Drink

Blue Cow Relaxation Drink

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Last Updated: 1/17/2008 3:52 PM

Blue Cow is a new beverage that is the self proclaimed "Original Relaxation Drink." The 10 fl oz bottle looks like the work of an inexperienced package designer, especially since it has the most minimalist of labels stuck on a squat version of the standard PET water bottle. Inside, it doesn't get much better. The flavor is basically water, artificial sweetener and a touch of some sort of fruit flavor. More concerning is the tickling sensation that hits the back of your throat after you consume a few sips. So what's this stuff all about? Using a proprietary blend of ingredients, including Suntheanine® (pure L-theanine -- the same amino acid found in green tea) hops, passion flower, chamomile, hawthorne berry, and lemon balm, this drink's off taste seems to offset whatever relaxation these ingredients might provide. Overall, we're not fans of this drink. The packaging and flavor leave a lot to be desired.


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