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Last Updated: 2/14/2011 10:54 AM

Made with a blend of 80 percent coconut water and 20 percent guava puree (along with agave nectar and vitamin C), which the bottle states is “not from concentrate”, Blue Monkey Pure Coconut Water + Guava is a very enjoyable product. The flavors are natural and straightforward, with a mellow base of coconut water and the gritty tropical flavor of guava. They seem to have gotten the balance right, with just enough fruit flavor and just enough coconut water to make the drink quench your thirst and satisfy your senses. As far as the packaging goes, we like the use of a familiar 16.9 oz. resealable bottle. And, for the most part, we like the execution of the branding, which is clean and appealing. What we don’t like is the top quarter of the label, which is loaded with unnecessary text (e.g. “coconuts gone wild” and “bio-active natural minerals and electrolytes”) that doesn'’t help sell the product. Plus, the package would look much cleaner if it were all blue. Packaging tweaks aside, we think that this product definitely has what it takes to be a player in the category.


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