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Last Updated: 2/11/2011 5:14 PM

After sampling all of the Blue Monkey flavors, this one, Pure Coconut Water + Mango, is the star of the line. Using a straightforward mixture of 80 percent coconut water and 20 percent mango juice (“not from concentrate”, but also including agave nectar and vitamin C –-- labeling loophole or not, it'’s confusing), the product is extremely addictive, with just the right balance of sweet fruit flavor and slightly salty coconut water flavor. It'’s very pleasing to the senses, delivering hydration in a natural and gulpable form. On the outside, the 16.9 oz. bottle is, at least today, nicely differentiated from the other products in the space and it has the added benefit of a resealable top. The product’'s branding is clean and relatively appealing, but we don'’t like the '“coconuts gone wild'” portion of the bottle. It’'s distracting and the content that they’'ve chosen to include is technical and not going to help the sale. Killing this off would allow for more spacing, which would create a minimalist look that’'s very much in-line with the two ingredient formulation. Overall, a top-notch effort that, with a few tweaks, definitely has serious potential.


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