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Last Updated: 2/14/2011 10:58 AM

Instead of going with a citrus flavor, Blue Monkey decided to go with Passion Fruit, which, at least in terms of tartness and acidity, appears to have similar qualities. Like their other 16.9 oz. offerings, Passion Fruit is made with two ley ingredients, coconut water (82 percent) and passion fruit juice (18 percent). Vitamin C has also been added. This is the lowest calorie offering of the lineup, clocking in at 65 calories per 8 oz. serving (compared with 80 calories on the others). This is consistent with this flavor'’s lighter mouth feel, making it slightly easier to chug than the other three. Packaging looks very much like the other flavors, with the most noticeable difference being the green band around the top of the bottle. Also, they’'ve reduced the text that'’s on the band, eliminating the “coconuts gone wild” and French translation. The result is something much cleaner looking, so we’'d love to see this applied to the other flavors. In addition, putting more emphasis on the words “passion fruit” would be good – it’s not a visually recognizable fruit for most Americans. Overall, another strong effort from Blue Monkey.


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