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Last Updated: 1/25/2012 10:43 AM

A new addition to the Blue Print Cleanse drink lineup is their cashew milk. The milk is a simple blend of water, cashew, agave nectar, vanilla bean and cinnamon. The result is a very satisfying dairy-free milk drink. The blend of vanilla bean and cinnamon is complemented by the agave. This combo really helps define the flavor profile and certainly sets it apart from other flavored milks. Blue Print Cleanse cashew milk comes packaged in a 16 oz. clear PET bottle. The clear bottle really shows off the white color of the milk (a certain departure from the other PBC juices) which adds a nice design element. The simple blue label features a rather large #6 at the top. There is no reference to what the number represents anywhere on the package, which left us scratching our head a bit. However, the product name as well as the ingredients are listed neatly and clearly in the middle of the label. The ingredient list, as well as the brand name, are in a simple font which compliments the minimalist package design. Overall, Blue Print Cleanse Cashew Milk is a delicious dairy alternative or meal replacement beverage


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Dairy: Flavored Milk, Juice: Nut or Seed Milk


16 oz PET

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