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Last Updated: 4/11/2013 10:58 AM

Since the first time we tried BluePrint’s “Green” variety (the predecessor to this SKU), a lot has changed. Juice cleanses are en vogue, high pressure processed juice is gaining momentum, and countless other brands have entered the space. And of course, BluePrint itself has been acquired by Hain Celestial. Fortunately, BluePrint hasn’t sat still having revised its greens product to be more balanced and consistent. The balance that we’re referring to is the blend of leafy greens and the apple, both of which help keep the other from overpowering the palate. And despite having nine different ingredients, you can taste each one. That’s always the sign of a good product in our book. Like the rest of the brand, this product is “raw” and unpasteurized, but has undergone high pressure processing, and the super fresh taste of an unpasteurized product is highly addictive. While the shelf life isn’t extremely long, it’s certainly longer (and safer) than a completely raw product. Visually, we are still fans of the ingredients list as the product name approach. It’s definitely an effective way to hammer home that this is a straightforward product that doesn’t have any junk in it. If anything, we’d like to see the BluePrint name get a little more prominent billing than it currently has. Overall, an exceptional product that is worth every penny.


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