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Last Updated: 8/9/2013 9:26 AM

Between the sweet and citrusy flavor and the smaller (and lower priced at $5.99) 10 oz. bottle, the Orange Grapefruit Lemon variety of BluePrint is definitely the brand's most mainstream effort to date. As with other BluePrint products, the name is also the ingredients list, with each of the ingredients being cold-pressed before the entire product is high pressure processed (instead of pasteurized). In terms of the flavor, it’s tart and tangy, with a flavor that should be familiar to most American consumers (who hasn’t had orange and grapefruit juices?). The splash of lemon rounds things out, helping bridge the gap between the sweetness of the orange juice and the sharp flavor of the grapefruit. All in all, this is definitely a product that should have instant appeal. In terms of packaging and price point, the product is clean and polished, although if you don’t already know what BluePrint is, it might be hard to figure out why this product is significantly priced higher than the mainstream juice brands like Odwalla and Naked. Further on that, the product, despite being very mainstream in its flavor profile, probably doesn’t have the best perceived value as far as BluePrint flavors go. Specifically, the difference in flavor between this and pasteurized orange juice isn’t as wide as it is for some of the other flavors that Blueprint makes. Overall, we really like the concept of this product and, thanks to its lower price point, it is a right step in the direction for the HPP juice category.


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10oz Plastic

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