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Combining just three ingredients, Blue Print Cleanse P.A.M. is about as straightforward as you can get. The product name is the initials of the ingredients -- pineapple, apple and mint. This blend yields a refreshing product. The mint is a nice balance to the pineapple juice, which is usually very sweet. The apple seems like an odd pairing, but its flavor is really masked by the combo of pineapple and mint. This juice drink is not for the sugar-conscious: it clocks in at 45g per 16 oz. bottle (210 calories). The juice comes packaged in a clear 16 oz. PET bottle. The clear bottle does not hide the fact that this product settles, but with a quick shake the muted yellow tone is consistent throughout. The blue label is very minimal in design. It supports simple white text which shows the ingredient list as well as the brand name. On the top of the label a clear #2 is the most eye catching element of the label design. However, the reason for having the number goes unexplained. Overall P.A.M. is a simple and refreshing juice drink. Our only suggestion would be to further explain the number.


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16 oz PET

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