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Last Updated: 6/9/2011 5:22 PM

Of the bunch, Blue Print’s “Yellow” is the only variety that uses added water. That said, this product has the lightest flavor and body of the bunch. Flavor wise, it drinks like a super premium lemonade, with the lack of pasteurization giving the product a very fresh and clean flavor (it also limits the product to a 3 day shelf life). The cayenne is very restrained to the point that you can barely taste the spice, while the added agave adds only a light amount of sweetness. On the packaging front, the product’s 16 oz. bottle is appealing and nice, but the light blue color used on the text is hard to read against the pale yellow backdrop that’s provided by the liquid. The positioning of the product as a cleanse juice, its high price point (over $5 a bottle), and extremely limited shelf life are certainly limiting this product to a specific niche of people, but it’s still the best tasting bottled lemonade that we’ve ever had.


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Juice: Fruit Juice, Juice: Lemonade


16 oz PET

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