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Made with 90 percent juice, Mango was the preferred flavor of the Bolthouse Farms’ Protein Plus drinks that we sampled. Why? First, there is the flavor of the drink. Starting with a juice heavy base, which includes mango, carrot, apple, orange, and banana juices and purees, the product has an extremely natural flavor to it with each of the fruits distinguishable in the mix. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, with a smooth consistency that’s on par with other juice smoothie products. Second, Bolthouse Farms is known for juice, so creating a protein drink on top of what this company is known for seems more logical and marketable than its chocolate flavored counterpart. Nutritionally, the product is loaded with 16 g of protein per serving (both whey and soy), vitamins (B, C, A) , and minerals. Reading the bottle, they’ve done a nice job of explaining what’s in the drink and its benefits, which is something that they have the space to do on the larger size 32 oz. bottle. Otherwise, the package is aesthetically pleasing, with a nicely designed layout of fruit images and text along with the Bolthouse logo. The result is something that visually fits with the Bolthouse Farms brand, but, since it looks so similar, it might be missed as just another smoothie product. Still, a very strong entry from Bolthouse.


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