Bonadea Aguas Frescas

by Bonadea

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Bonadea Aguas Frescas

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

In taking a stance against the use of artificial coloring and artificial ingredients, Bonadea?s all-natural formulas utilizing organic agave nectar as a sweetener combined with the quirky brand story, positions Bonadea as the first company with authentic, healthy aguas frescas recipes in a single serve ready-to-drink (RTD) format.

Real Aguas...Viva la Realness!


Recently Reviewed


Bonadea’s take on the classic hibiscus based drink is a well-executed one, both in flavor and presen...


Pronounced “why-ya-buh," this beverage is made with purified water, guava puree, agave nectar, and ...


Of the Bonadea lineup, the Mango variety is the one that will have the most instantaneous mainstream...

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