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Last Updated: 2/21/2006 10:40 AM

BooKoo Zero Carb features the same refreshing citrus flavor as the original. Its sucralose/ace-K sweeteners mesh very nicely with the formulation, leaving only a slight aftertaste. The packaging features the same attractive flaming font used with the original, only Zero Carb's is yellow instead of orange. We feel The Love Factor could better distinguish the packaging to avoid customer confusion. In general, we are not sure that the Zero Carb will achieve the same popularity as the original, given that the young men that are presumably the primary target for this brand are not an overly carb-conscious demographic. Nevertheless, taste and packaging are ultimately what make a beverage, and BooKoo Zero Carb has got both of those aspects down pat.


3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars

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Product Type

Functional: Energy Drink: Regular


24 oz can

Nutritional Info

servings per container: 3;
calories 0;
total fat 0g;
sodium 200mg;
total carbohydrate 0g;
sugars 0g;
Niacin 100%;
vitamin B6 250%;
vitamin B12 83%;
Pantothenic acid 50%


Carbonated water, citric acid, sodium citrate, potassium benzoate (as a preservative), caramel color, sucralose, natural flavor, taurine, caffeine, acesulfame potassium, glucuronolactone, insitol, niacin, D patothenol, pyridoxine HCL, vitamin B12

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