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Last Updated: 10/2/2008 12:35 PM

Inner Boost is a noni enhanced cocktail that has been formulated to promote detoxification and internal cleansing. Inside the bottle, you'll find a sweet pear and strawberry flavored body, which has been given a finish which has notes of raspberry, noni, and green tea. It's a relatively pleasant flavor, with the biggest benefit being that the drink uses pear instead of the standard white grape as its base. However, it's a bit too sweet for our liking. On the outside, we would have guessed that the drink's name was "Inner" rather than "Boost," as all of the emphasis goes to this word. If you have all four flavors side by side it is more intuitive, but by itself -- which is ultimately how the drink is purchased and consumed -- it's confusing. Otherwise, Inner Boost has a fairly attractive look, but the vertical text makes it difficult to read (especially when scanning the cooler) and the drink's key benefit, 10,000 mg of noni juice, is easy to miss. Overall, we like the concept and it's a good first effort, but a few small changes would make this a much better product.


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12 fl oz

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