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Last Updated: 5/31/2001 6:09 PM

Unlike many of today's gourmet ginger ales, Boylan's is not overly dry and spicy. They have taken a different approach which results in a flavor that is very sweet and easily drinkable. We also were impressed by the green glass bottle that was used in this product. Unlike many of the cobalt blue bottles that are used today, the green glass creates an old-fashioned and classy type of beverage. While this is not a major innovation, it definitely adds to the quality of an already excellent beverage.


4.5 stars4.5 stars4.5 stars4.5 stars4.5 stars

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Product Type

Carbonated Soft Drink: Regular


12oz glass

Nutritional Info

calories 140;
total fat 0g;
sodium 35mg;
total carb 36g;
sugars 36g;
protein 0g


carbonated water, cane sugar, citrus oils, natural ginger flavors, citric acid, caramel colors, sodium benzoate (preserves freshness)

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