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Last Updated: 7/19/2013 6:16 PM

This variety of Brew Dr. Kombucha is a blend of water, sencha green tea, sugar, yerba mate, nettle, oatstraw, horsetail, mint, alfalfa, lemon balm and passionflower. What’s interesting right off the bat is that some of these ingredients are not GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), meaning the product should be labeled as a dietary supplement and not a food product. In any event, the blend does taste nice, with a green tea flavor that definitely goes well with the fermented flavor of the kombucha. However, calling it “Nutritonic” and having it loaded with additional ingredients seems unnecessary and confusing. Repurposing this one such that it eliminates the non-GRAS ingredients and is positioned based on a flavor rather than a function would be the obvious next step. Overall, there’s something here, but it needs to be dialed back and focused a bit.


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Tea: Kombucha, Tea: Yerba Mate


14oz Glass

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