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Last Updated: 7/19/2013 6:16 PM

Typically, when we see a product called “Superberry,” we’d guess that it has acai, pomegranate or something similar in it. But in the case of Brew Dr. Kombucha, the Superberry flavor is derived from currants, elderberry, hibiscus and rose hips. Don’t get us wrong, this product actually tastes great, but the name of the flavor seems a bit off. In any case, the flavor of this product is definitely mainstream-oriented, with fruity and floral notes that wash away most of the fermented flavor. There’s a fair amount of sweetness to this variety, but it doesn’t cross the line to the point where we’d say that it’s too sweet. Plus, this coming from a tea company, we appreciate the call-out to the specific variety of tea that’s used (organic Wuyi Mountain oolong tea). On the packaging front, the foundation that the company has created is quite good, with a cleanly designed label and an attractive 14 oz. stubby bottle. Nevertheless, we’re still hung up on the flavor name, which is definitely something that could be changed in order to provide a more accurate description of the product. Overall, Superberry is definitely one of the better tasting flavors of the line-up, but we wish that the name would more accurately reflect what’s inside the bottle.


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