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Brooklyn Soda Works’ approach to root beer is a very novel one, starting with the fact that the ingredient list contains under ten ingredients and they are all recognizable things. There are no colorings, preservatives, or flavorings. The flavor is very straightforward, but extremely enjoyable, with notes of wintergreen, vanilla, anise, and molasses being the primary things that our palates picked up. It’s moderately sweetened with cane sugar, but the product maintains a light body and a very crisp finish. This product being a handcrafted product with no preservatives, it requires refrigeration and has a shelf life of only three weeks. While it’s obviously not something that was designed to be commercialized in the mainstream, they’ve definitely succeeded in crafting something that is truly top notch. On the outside, they’ve done a nice job of embodying the hipster vibe that Brooklyn is, at least as a brand, known for. The simple paper label has a crude look to it, with a lack of polish that seems like an intentional part of the look. The white background has text that looks like it came from an old typewriter, while a hands stamped date lets you know that this is a perishable product. While it’s hard to say where they could take this brand, it’s certain that this product will do well at venues like flea markets, gourmet shops, and restaurants where it’s currently sold. Definitely worth a try.


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