Brand NameCompany
Columbia Gorge
Comotion 2x Energy Monarch Company, The
Condor Soda of California
Coobo Bubble Tea Coobo
Cool Java kan-pak L.L.C.
Cool Mountain Gourmet Sodas Cool Mountain Beverages Inc.
Coolah Energy Drink Cadbury Schweppes, PLC
Core Power Fair Oaks Farm Brands
Cott Premium Soda
Cottonmouth Immortal Elixir Bev Co.
COUGAR energy drink for women Cougar Limited 21, L.P.
Cow Wow Cereal Milk
Cowboy Energy Drink Unique Beverage Company, LLC
Coyote Energy Drink Exports USA, LLC
Cranergy Energy Juice Drink Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc
Cranky Cow
Crater lake Soda Yoshida Foods International
Crave Energy Drink Vitamark International
Crave Sour Sodas
Crayons Fruit Juice Drink Crayons, Inc.
Crayons Sport Crayons, Inc.
Crazy Larry's Energy Drink
Cricket Cola Cricket Cola
Crunk Energy Drink Crunk LLC
Crunk Energy Stix Crunk LLC
Crystal Geyser Crystal Geyser Juice Squeeze Crystal Geyser
C-Swiss Hemp Ice Tea Cool Beverage Corporation
Cuba Herbal Energy Juice CUBA Beverage Company
Cubed3 Fruitology, Inc
Cult Energy Drink Cult Division
Currant Affair Black Currant Juice
CurrantC The Currant Company
Cyclone Energy Shot Dynamic Nutritionals, Inc
Cytomax Sport Drink CytoSport Inc.
Dad's Old Fashioned Beverages The Dad's Root Beer Company
Dahlicious Lassi Dahlicious, LLC
Daily Greens Drink Daily Greens LLC
Damzl Fuel Damzl Fuel Inc.
Dandelion & Burdock A.G. Barr, P.L.C. (Glasgow, United Kingdom)
DareDevil Energy Drink Outlast Nutrition LLC - Daredevil Energy Drink
Darifair Darifair Farms
Darigold Milk
Dark Dog Energy Drink Dark Dog Energy Drink
Dasani Drops Flavor Enhancer The Coca Cola Company
Dasani Essence Coca Cola Company
Dasani NutriWater
Dasani Plus Blox Distributing, LLC
Dasani Water Blox Distributing, LLC
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