Boylan's Bottleworks: Creme Soda
Boylan's Bottleworks: Diet Cane Cola
Clearly Canadian: Strawberry
Clearly Canadian: Raspberry
Clearly Canadian: Blackberry
Clearly Canadian: Blueberry
Clearly Canadian: Pink Grapefruit
Buzzy's Coffee: Hazelnut Dream
Buzzy's Coffee: Mocha
Briar's Premium Soft Drinks: Diet Black Cherry
Briar's Premium Soft Drinks: Lemonade Cream
Bundaberg Brewed Drinks: Root Beer
Bundaberg Brewed Drinks: Diet Ginger Beer
Bundaberg Brewed Drinks: Blood Orange
Crystal Geyser Crystal Geyser Juice Squeeze: Pink Lemonade
Dark Dog Energy Drink: Original
China Tea : Raspberry Oolong Tea
Cheerwine: Cheerwine (slim can)
Clover Classic: Cream Soda
Cool Mountain Gourmet Sodas: Orange Soda
Dr. Brown's Sodas: Orange Soda
Drinks That Work: Forza: Sustainable Energy
Dynamite Energy Drink: Dynamite Lightning
Dynamite Energy Drink: Dynamite Energy Drink
Fitz's Draft Sodas: Premium Root Beer
Fitz's Draft Sodas: Orange Pop
Fairlee Juices: Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
Fizzies: Rock 'N Root Beer
Elliott's Amazing: Orange Mango Juice Cocktail
Fizzy Lizzy: Black Currant
Fizzy Lizzy: Northern Lights Cranberry
Fresh Samantha: Madam Bridge Water's Raspberry Limeade
Nantucket Nectars Freshly Blended: Carrot Mango Orange
Hank's Premium Sodas: Wishniak Black Cherry Soda
Goose Island: Diet Root Beer
Ginseng Up: Original Flavor
Hawaiian Sun: Pass-O-Guava Nectar
Henry Weinhard's: Henry Weinhard's Black Cherry Cream Soda
Henry Weinhard's: Henry Weinhard's Root Beer
Havana Cola: Havana Cola
Honest Tea (PET): Pomegranate Blue
Honest Tea (PET): Pomegranate White Tea with Acai
Honest Tea (PET): Raspberry Tea
Hot Rod Magazine Sodas: Nitrous Orange Soda
Iron Horse Sodas: Cream Soda
Iron Horse Sodas: Black Cherry Soda
Iron Horse Sodas: Root Beer
Jack Black Sodas: Blood Red Cola
Hype Energy Drink: Hype Energy X2
Jolt Energy: Jolt Power Cola
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