Mistic Tropicals: Papaya Paradise
Mistic Tropicals: Strawberry Colada
Moxie: Cream Soda
Moxie: Cherry Cola
Mistic Beverages: Raspberry Guava
Mistic Beverages: Mango Mania
Mad River Sodas: Root Beer
Le-Nature's Super Premium Beverages : Tropical Mist Mandarin Ice Water
Le-Nature's Super Premium Beverages : Ice Water - Squeeze of Lemon
Le-Nature's Super Premium Beverages : Vitamin Dazzler - Mountain Raspberry
Le-Nature's Super Premium Beverages : Ice Water Pink Grapefruit Splash
Lipton Original Iced Teas: Natural Peach Flavored Iced Tea
Lipton Original Iced Teas: Natural Lemon Flavor
Lipton Original Iced Teas: White Tea with Tangerine
Mad River Beverages: Raspberry Lemonade
Mad River Beverages: Mountain Style Lemonade
Langer's Juice: Raspberry Lemonade
Langer's Juice: Kiwi Raspberry Juice Cocktail
Langer's Juice: Mongo Mango Juice Cocktail
Thomas Kemper Soda: Black Cherry Soda
Thomas Kemper Soda: Orange Cream Soda
Jones Soda: Vanilla Cola
Jones Soda: Fufu Berry Soda
Journey Soft Brews: Asian Spice Ginger Brew
Jeff's New York Egg Cream: Diet Chocolate
Johnny's Roadside: Iced Tea
Jolt Energy: Jolt Cola Cherry Bomb
Jones Soda: Crushed Melon
Hype Energy Drink: Hype Lite
IRN-BRU: Irn-Bru
Hype Energy Drink: Hype Classic
Jeff's New York Egg Cream: Diet Vanilla
Jack Black Sodas: Orange Stash
Jack Black Sodas: Dead Red Cola
Jack Black Sodas: Blue Cream Soda
Hot Rod Magazine Sodas: Grape Guzzler
Hot Rod Magazine Sodas: Stroked & Bored Strawberry So
Honest Tea (PET): Cranberry Lemonade
Hawaii's Own: Mango Peach
Henry Weinhard's: Henry Weinhard's Orange Cream
Hawaiian Sun: Guava Nectar
Hansen's Functional Energy Drinks: Stamina
Hansen's Signature Sodas: Vanilla Creme Soda
Hansen's Signature Sodas: Sarsaparilla Soda
Hansen's Signature Sodas: Ginger Beer Soda
Hansen's Signature Sodas: Orange Creme Soda
Havana Cola: Havana Cola
Havana Cola: Diet Havana Cola
Goose Island: Root Beer
Glacial Coffee: Toasted Almond Crème
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