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When it comes to brands introducing reduced and low-calorie line-extensions, ginger is one of those flavors that often struggles to make the transition. For Bruce Cost, a line of beverages that is exclusively ginger-based, that makes the stakes even higher. In the case of Bruce Cost 66, the company definitely took a unique approach, making a 66 calorie offering (hence the name) that is sweetened with cane sugar and Monk Fruit (a zero-calorie sweetener). The flavor is very close to the original, with a nice amount of sweetness, a pretty strong hit of ginger, and minimal Monk Fruit aftertaste. Going with 66 calories will certainly eliminate this product from being an option for those seeking zero calories or something that’s fully sugar-free, but it’s a great option for consumers who are simply trying to cut calories from the beverages that they drink. Plus, the playfulness of the “66” is a nice way of reinforcing what the drink is about without having to use words like “lite” or “diet.” Overall, a very nice addition to the Bruce Cost family.


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12 oz

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