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Last Updated: 10/5/2009 1:20 PM

Mixing fresh peeled ginger with jasmine tea isn’t something that exactly whets the appetite, but what’s inside this bottle is truly amazing. The product offers several flavors, including the spice of ginger, the sweetness of sugar, and the floral flavor of jasmine green tea. Each one of these hits your mouth at a different stage of the drinking experience, with the ginger hanging around a bit after the fact. Aside from tasting great, it’s one of those products that you really can’t get anywhere else – and that’s something that is really key if you’re going to compete as a super-premium CSD. On the label front, they created something that’s conceptually very appealing, playing on the drink’s handmade origins with a paper label that uses a font that looks like it was stenciled on. They’ve also put the batch number on the label, which again reinforces the fact that this isn’t some mass-produced product. However, the placement of the flavor name on the neck is something that is easy to miss. It’s clearly a move to save cost (the main label is the same across the flavors), but one that comes at the expense of being able to identify the product quickly. Fixing this would be a big help for what is otherwise an awesome product.


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12 oz bottle

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