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The “Original” variety of Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost is an impressive display of what happens when you take quality ingredients and let their natural flavor take center stage. In this case, you’ve got a four-ingredient formulation that relies heavily on the flavor of the fresh peeled ginger that goes into each bottle. Bruce Cost, who has written Asian cook books as well as a book that’s strictly on ginger, clearly knows what he’s doing with this ingredient and somehow has managed to translate that into something that can be enjoyed in a shelf-stable form. For a product that has relies on ginger alone for flavoring, it’s extremely mellow and smooth (at least relative to other spicy ginger beers), with only a moderate amount of heat making its way onto your tongue. It’s sweetened with cane sugar, which makes it sweet, but not too sweet. There’s some ginger pulp throughout and it settles, which is just another indicator of how high-quality this product is. Packaging is a standard 12 oz. longneck, which they’ve appropriately decorated with a design that looks rustic and handmade – just like the product . The Bruce Cost angle will certainly mean something to ginger aficionados, while the rest of the label should convince consumers that this product is wholesome and super high quality. Overall, an exceptional CSD that we hope to see a lot more of.


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