BUMP Energy Drink

by BUMP Beverage Company, Inc.

BUMP Energy Drink

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

BUMP Energy Drink - Gets You to The Next Level BUMP is a New Energy Drink that has a delicious, lightly carbonated, refreshing Pomegranate/Citrus flavor, Biggest Punch of any Energy Drink on the market today and is available in the IDEAL size, 10.5 oz can! FOR YOUR BODY! * Great Taste * Premium Energy Source * Increases Stamina * Revitalizes the Body * Specialized Formulation * Improves Performance * Increases Endurance * Stimulates the Metabolism FOR YOUR MIND! * Stay Alert and Mentally Focused * Address Critical Mental Factors * Increased Productivity * Supplemental Energy * Expanded Mental Concentration * Fortified with Taurine, Green Tea Extract, & Vitamin B

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