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BUMP Energy Drink

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Last Updated: 4/7/2008 1:59 PM

Using a sweet fruit punch style formulation, Bump Energy Drink is a pretty pleasant drink to consume. It's sweetened with sugar, which keeps it clean but sweet, while the energy elements make the drink finish with a mild energy bite. There's a pretty traditional cocktail of functional ingredients in Bump, but the most notable aspect of it is the 197mg of caffeine per 10.5 fl oz serving, which puts it above many of the 16 oz entries. On the outside, there's Bump branding, which we have mixed feelings about. "Bump" has clean imagery, but also feels corny, especially when factoring in the name's likely reference to cocaine and the drink's tagline ("Gets you to the next level"). Overall, decent stock flavor, but the drink's packaging and branding feel forgettable.


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10.5 oz can

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