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Last Updated: 10/23/2012 2:21 PM

For coconut water brands that use cans as their package of choice, a flavor with pulp is typically part of the lineup. C2O, however, didn't have this type of product, which is perhaps at least part of the reason why they’ve expanded in this direction rather than adding flavored offerings like some of the Tetra Pak carton based brands. Opening the can, we were admittedly thinking “if you’ve had one coconut water with pulp, you’ve had them all,” but once we started sipping this product it was clear that they did something slightly different. Specifically, the product has a more heavy volume of pulp, which also comes in different sizes and textures. The pieces range from larger soft bits to more crunch pieces that add some grit to the body. Whether or not this is a good thing will ultimately be a matter of personal preference, but we do like that they’ve differentiated their product in this manner. Visually, the tall white can has a healthy and earthy vibe to it, which we definitely favor over those competitors whose packaging looks either ethnic or just rehashes the blue tropical beach image. They’ve done a nice job with the front panel, allowing for some spacing around the logo, but also managing to fit text on the lower portion of the tall container. If there’s any concern with what they’ve done it’s whether or not the differences between this product and their original pulp free formulation are too subtle. Overall, a very nice addition to the lineup.


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