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Last Updated: 5/28/2014 12:38 PM

Califia Farms’ Limeade is a nice adaptation of the classic summertime drink. It’s made with 13 percent juice, including lemon juice, lime juice from concentrate and ginger juice. It’s sweetened with sugar and monk fruit, which results in a formulation that has 130 calories and 29g of sugar per bottle. From a taste perspective, the product can definitely hold its own with competing limeades, and we were very pleased by the fact that you can’t taste the monk fruit. However, it doesn’t really taste all that different as compared to other limeades on the market, so it’s tough to see a consumer being loyal simply on flavor. Packaging is a 10.5 oz. PET bottle, which, like the other flavors in the line, has been fully wrapped with a semi-transparent label. We have mixed feelings about this approach. On the one hand, it is nice to see the liquid that’s inside the bottle. On the other, the product’s graphics aren’t as vibrant as they could be, which gives it less pop than competing products. Lastly, we think Califia needs to tighten up the “California Native” language that’s used. It implies that the citrus fruit uses is sourced from California, but there’s no mention of it anywhere else on the bottle (it is more directly mentioned on the Orange Juice variety, so we can only assume that the citrus isn’t from the state). Overall, this is a very nice start, but some tweaks feel necessary.


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