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Last Updated: 6/3/2011 3:16 PM

The Coastal Blueberry flavor from the California Teas line of RTD iced teas is quite enjoyable. Unlike the apple variety, the blueberry (and pear) juices help to enhance the brewed green tea flavor of this product. The blueberry aroma really helps sell the overall experience with only a slightly sweet lingering mouth feel. It is somewhat reminiscent of an agave sweetened product, but this iced tea is only sweetened with natural cane sugar (11g per serving). Similar to the rest of the lineup, the iced tea comes in a stock 16 oz. PET bottle. The label features a rural coastal scene in the background with a nondescript farm sitting in the front. However, failing to mention that they use real brewed tea seems like a missed opportunity – it’s definitely more marketable than the “with real fruit juice” text that they chose to use. Our other issue is the look of the product, which feels very much like a store brand design. And that’s a big issue for us – why compete with the value players? Overall, we really like the flavor, but they could definitely do more with the packaging.


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