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Last Updated: 6/3/2011 3:16 PM

The California Teas Original Sunshine is as close to homemade iced tea as you’ll find in a mass produced PET bottle. With just three ingredients, including brewed black tea, cane sugar and natural flavors, this is a pleasant and not overly sweet, sweet tea. It has only 9g of sugar (45 calories) per serving, which makes it a reasonably guilt free option compared to many other RTD iced teas on the market today. Plus, this flavor is better than the very similar “Original Sunshine” Green Tea that is also part of the line (we didn’t find it to be nearly as impressive of a product to drink). The stock hot fill PET bottle is generic looking, while the simple coastal landscape and the generic brand name “California Teas” gives off the feeling of a store brand. That is definitely out of synch with what’s inside the bottle. Overall, the formulation is executed rather well, but the packaging needs to be brought up to speed.


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16 oz PET

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