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Last Updated: 12/13/2007 12:15 PM

The "Regular" variety of Caribou Iced Coffee is your straight up blend of coffee, milk, and sugar (as well as natural flavors, etc). The flavor is different than most other iced coffees we've tried in recent memory, mainly due to its lighter flavor profile. The product doesn't overwhelm the palate with flavor, allowing more mellow notes of coffee to hit your tongue. Plus, the product has 120 calories per bottle -- which is well below the market leader, Frappuccino. Lastly, there's the packaging, a 12 fl oz aluminum bottle. It's certainly not the typical format for an RTD iced coffee, which should help this product have a feeling that's all its own. The look is polished and reasonably attractive, but it lacks the brand power and image that you'll find in a Frappuccino. Still, it's a solid entry -- and definitely much better than Coke's previous attempts to crack the category.


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12 fl oz bottle

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