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Last Updated: 12/13/2007 12:15 PM

The Vanilla flavor of Caribou coffee has a pretty weak flavor, which is rather surprising given how often vanilla iced coffee products are over flavored. Instead, there's a light milky flavor that has only a slight touch of coffee and vanilla flavors. It's decent, but not great, especially if you like a richer bodied product. On the other hand, we do appreciate the fact that this isn't just a cookie cutter product. Aside from the flavor differences, there's the aluminum bottle -- a category first as far as we know. It's reasonably attractive, but the offbeat look of the Caribou Coffee logo seems a bit out of place with the otherwise sterile feeling of the product. Overall, it's a good -- and definitely mainstream -- entry but it definitely won't stand up against other premium competitors.


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12 fl oz bottle

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