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Last Updated: 4/23/2010 12:02 PM

If you’ve wanted to like kombucha, but just can’t tolerate the flavor, then Carpe Diem’s Classic Kombucha is worth a try. It features a pleasant sugar sweetened formulation that has just a touch of fermented tea flavor to it. It doesn’t have that bitter finish found in non shelf stable competitors, which gives the product a smooth taste from start to finish. Sugar (13g per serving) provides the drink’s subtle sweetness. Herbal tea, and a touch of acerola juice help round things out and help further cut the fermented flavor. Packaging is a proprietary 16.9 ounce PET bottle, which has a label around its mid section. The design of the label is clean, but conceptual, especially with the center graphic not really adding anything to the marketability of the product. Further on that, is the word “classic”, which doesn’t seem like the most descriptive word for a flavor that’s relatively new the market. Overall, this is a very enjoyable product that’s one of the more mainstream kombucha efforts out there.


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16.9 oz PET

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