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Last Updated: 6/29/2011 3:20 PM

With everyone trying to get a piece of the coconut buzz right now, Cascade Ice is a sweet, coconut flavored sparkling beverage. The 1 percent juice is from pear juice, which provides natural sugar, while the coconut flavor is derived from flavoring and tastes more like candy than coconut. And, unfortunately, this kills most of the enjoyment for us. Aside from fixing the coconut flavor, we think that this product really needs to decide if it wants to be a diet CSD (which is how it feels now) or a sparkling water (which would presumably have lighter flavor). As it stands right now, we think that consumers will really be confused by what they find inside this bottle. On the outside, the tall and narrow 17.2 ounce bottle is hard to handle, especially if it’s going inside a cooler (in our tests it almost always fell over). Overall, we think that this product needs work.


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17.2 oz

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