Huckleberry Blackberry

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Huckleberry Blackberry

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Last Updated: 6/29/2011 3:18 PM

Made with 1% juice and sweetened with sucralose, this carbonated beverage drinks very much like a standard diet black cherry soda. That said, it’s a drink that some consumers might find pleasing, assuming that’s indeed what they are looking for. Otherwise, we think that people will be somewhat surprised that this product, which calls itself a “sparkling water with juice” is as heavy as it is. On the outside, the 17.2 ounce bottle is tall and narrow – to a fault as it is very difficult to make it stand up in a cooler. The design of the label feels dated and too busy, with a repetitive backdrop that looks like wrapping paper more so than well thought out design. Cleaning this up – and perhaps switching to a different bottle – would make a big difference. Overall, this is an average product for us.


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Water: Sparkling


17.2 oz PET

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