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Last Updated: 11/23/2009 4:50 PM

Compared with its red colored counterpart, Crisp White has a flavor that’s much drier. It also has a more pronounced fruit flavor (thanks to 31 percent juice), but unfortunately, it predominantly tastes like pear and apple juice, which is hardly what we’d call sophisticated. The label promises additional notes of apricot and magnolia, but it was hard to notice these from the mix. There’s also much less fermented flavor, which is something that we actually found rather enjoyable in the “Light Red” variety. However, not all is lost as the drink finishes with the same light barley syrup flavor that we found in the original. Plus, its relatively low calorie profile (60 per bottle) and sugar content (11g) certainly adds some appeal to the mix. The product has the definite look of an import, which we think was their intent by saying that it was “born in France,” although the product is bottled in the U.S. The look largely succeeds, with a super premium vibe that’s appropriate given what’s inside the bottle. However, we’d love it if the name stood out more and were on the same line. In the current design, our eye immediately goes to the “Handcrafted” line and skips over the logo and brand name. Overall, we like the unique flavor of this product and, with visual tweaks aside, the execution is extremely good.


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